Physiotherapist Miles Browning shares tips on ageing healthily

This article originally appeared in the Courier-Mail October 11th 2019.

Physiotherapist Miles Browning says when it comes to ageing healthily, there are two major concerns facing over 65s; falls and maintaining cognitive function.

For the past 10 years, he’s worked with hundreds of residents, aged over 65, at The Village Retirement Group communities, including The Village Coorparoo, The Village Redcliffe, The Village Taigum and The Village Yeronga. As well as offering individualised treatment based on a person’s particular health needs, Mr Browning also runs a series of educational programs and classes.

The practical sessions are specifically designed to teach over 65s how to age healthily and includes topics such as how not to fall and the importance of social connectiveness. “We’ve also extended these classes to encompass teaching residents about how their musculoskeletal systems changes as they age and what this means for them,” Mr Browning said.

Physiotherapist Miles Browning works with many Village Retirement Group residents.

“The fact we do this in a group setting really adds another dynamic to it.”

Over 65s are also taught therapeutic exercises in a group environment, with non-therapeutic classes such as balance, core strength and mobility also offered. Mr Browning said the aim of programs offered across The Village Retirement Group communities was to help older people maintain their mobility and prevent them from deteriorating both physically and mentally.

“Two major concerns facing over 65s is falls and maintaining cognitive function and this is what I focus on,” he said. “In the past, it’s been thought that keeping a person’s mind active with activities such as Sudoku were enough to help them maintain cognitive function. “Now research has revealed that doing high intensity cardiovascular activities that increases blood flow to the brain is what’s needed to ensure a well-functioning cognitive system.”

As a result of Mr Browning’s research-backed programs targeting the distinctive needs of over 65s, many residents have made significant progress, with one person now walking independently without the use of his walker. “It’s really about taking a preventive approach to ageing to ensure over 65s can live their best life and with as few accidents or injuries as possible,” he said.


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