Fizzio Clinics receives top University of Queensland teaching award

On Tuesday night, 29th November 2022 the University of Queensland’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) held a “Celebration of Partnerships” function at Customs House. Fizzio Clinics was honoured with this Clinical Education Partnership Award in Physiotherapy 2022 for its outstanding commitment and excellence in clinical education.

What is Clinical Education

Clinical Education in Physiotherapy, the practical component of physiotherapy education, enables students to put their theoretical knowledge into action in real-world patient care. It is an essential aspect of preparing future physiotherapists for the effective diagnosis and treatment of physical conditions.


The objective of clinical education is to provide students with hands-on exposure to patient assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, fostering their confidence and practical skills. Commencing in the final year of study, it gradually introduces students to the clinical setting, patients, and techniques, under the guidance of experienced supervisors who act as mentors.

This clinical education not only benefits students, but also the patients they treat, by giving students the chance to apply their knowledge and receive valuable feedback. Furthermore, it offers students the opportunity to network with other physiotherapists and health professionals, which can be advantageous in building professional relationships.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the clinical education is subject to stringent regulations and guidelines to guarantee the best possible care for patients and a thorough preparation for students’ future careers as physiotherapists.


Clinical education is a fundamental aspect of physiotherapy programs that provides students with hands-on practical training and prepares them for a successful career in patient care. It is regulated to ensure the highest standard of care for patients and adequate preparation for students.


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